Achaia Clauss Wine Co. was founded by Gustav Clauss, a native Bavarian, who in 1854 decided to settle in Patras after a business trip to the region. He was so enthused with the beauty of Greece's natural landscape, especially of Patras, Achaia, which is located in the northwest Peloponnese. According to his diary and other reports, he discovered "a paradise of vineyards which covered the surrounding hills of Patras, which he thought must certainly produce the best wine. Hence, he built a castle and within its walls he made a wine factory." His first wine was Mavrodaphne, a transplant from the Ionian Islands. It has been said that it was his Iberian approach to vinification and his love for sweet wine that made Mavrodaphne a successful crop in the region and subsequently, an appellation wine. Mavrodaphne and Muscat of Patras were first produced in 1854 for himself and friends. While the winery was built in 1861, it was not until 1873 that he introduced Mavrodaphne and Muscat in cork-finished bottles. In 1880, Demestica was introduced from the village of Demestiha. In 1901, Demestica became the first bottled dry wine of Greece.

Today, the Achaia Clauss Wine Co. is one of the largest wineries in Greece and the largest exporter of cork-sealed Greek wine exporting to forty-two countries. Its portfolio includes thirty-two wines and four spirits ranging from young, refreshing wines to boutique-style wines with depth and richness. The winery produces an excess of three million cases of wine each year on facilities capable of handling 20,000 bottles per hour. In the recent past, Nick Karapanos, the owner of Achaia Clauss, invested over $10 million in state-of-the-art equipment and has contracted with growers all over Greece to meet the company's growing needs. Its most famous products are Demestica, Mavrodaphne, Muscat, Nemea, Chateau Clauss, Danielis, Santa Helena, Retsina, and Ouzo. These wines have won resounding critical acclaim and have withstood the test of time. Each year, the winery receives 250,000 visitors, who have the opportunity to taste these beautiful wines, and to visit cellars, which house ornate casks dedicated to visiting dignitaries that date back to Empress Elizabeth of Austria in 1885.


  Red Wines

The most popular Greek red wine available. It has a light aroma, lively red ruby color and a delicate palate.
Grape Variety: Agiorgitiko (Saint George)
Largest selling Greek red wine in the World.

A historic wine that dates back to Byzantine ages, Danielis has a bouquet that's reminiscent of spring flowers and ripe grapes. It is a medium bodied, fruity dry wine with an excellent aftertaste.
Grape Variety: Oak Aged Agiorgitiko (Saint George)

Has a bright garnet color with a high-toned boysenberry and cherry character in the aroma. It is both lively and ripe, featuring long flavors that follow the berry scents.
Grape Variety: Oak Aged Appellation Agiorgitiko (Saint George)


A full-bodied wine that is slightly herbal, with ripe dark cherry fruit and a rich ruby color.
Grape Varieties: Oak Aged Cabernet Sauvignon and Agiorgitiko (Saint George)



White Wines

The most popular white wine of Greece. It is light bodied with a lively golden color and a delicate palate.
Grape Varieties: Roditis and Savatiano
Largest selling Greek white wine in the world.

Dry spice and bitter orange notes play off its sweet pear flavors.
Grape Variety: Roditis

Light as air, this is all about the refreshing compliment to grilled seafood.
Grape Varieties: Savatiano and Roditis


Rose Wines

A light bodied dry rose with a fresh, fruity and aromatic nose, and very distinct characteristics
Grape Variety: Agiorgitiko (Saint George)


Dessert Wines

A full-bodied red dessert wine that dates back to 1854, Mavrodaphne has a rich yet delicate taste and a Port style aroma with hints of coffee, toffee and rich, spicy nuts. Refined raisin and black cherry fruit flavors are layered with smoky, caramel tones.
Grape Variety: Appellation Mavrodaphne
Highest rated Greek dessert wine in the World.

The winery's most prized wine, Muscat is a full-bodied white dessert wine with a medium gold color, that combines a delightful burnt honey taste with a slightly nutty aroma that suggests a hint of orange.
Grape Variety: Appellation Muscat
Most prized Achaia Clauss wine.


The anise flavor is prominent and well defined, but deepened with herb, pepper and hint of lemon. Ouzo is strong and clean. When mixed with water Ouzo turns milky white with a blue tint.
Highest rated Ouzo in America