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Achaia Clauss

Achaia Clauss Wine Co. was founded by Gustav Clauss, a native Bavarian, who in 1854 decided to settle in Patras after a business trip to the region. He was so enthused with the beauty of Greece’s natural landscape, especially of Patras, Achaia, which is located in the northwest Peloponnese. According to his diary and other reports, he discovered “a paradise of vineyards which covered the surrounding hills of Patras, which he thought must certainly produce the best wine. Hence, he built a castle and within its walls he built a winery.” His first wine was Mavrodaphne, a transplant from the Ionian Islands. It has been said that it was his Iberian approach to vinification and his love for sweet wine that made Mavrodaphne a successful crop in the region and subsequently, an appellation wine. Mavrodaphne and Muscat of Patras were first produced in 1854 for himself and friends. While the winery was built in 1861, it was not until 1873 that he introduced Mavrodaphne and Muscat in cork-finished bottles. In 1880, Demestica was introduced from the village of Demestiha. In 1901, Demestica became the first bottled dry wine of Greece.
Today, Nikos Karapanos and his family, the owners of Achaia Clauss, welcome you to taste and enjoy the fine wines of the Achaia region of the Peloponnese with such wines as Demestica in Red, White and Rose, Chateau Clauss, Mavrodaphne, Muscat, and their two highly prized Ouzos. These wines have won resounding critical acclaim and have withstood the test of time. Each year Achaia Clauss the oldest historical winery of Greece and only Chateau and Estate receives 250,000 visitors, who have the opportunity to taste these beautiful wines, visit cellars, which house ornate casks dedicated to visiting dignitaries that date back to Empress Elizabeth of Austria in 1885.