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Goumenissa a town in the prefecture of Kilkis, built at the foot of Mount Paikos (5413ft.), was once an important commercial center with main activities of viticulture and sericulture. Written evidence states that the dry red wines of the region were famous and exported since the 19th century. Today it has 4200 inhabitants while the vineyard extends to about 4000 acres (formerly it reached 11500 acres) and the sericulture was abandoned.
The viticultural designated area of Goumenissa is one of the most beautiful vineyards in Greece. Its dry red wines in the 19th century were famous outside the country’s borders. The current vineyard (up to 4,000 acres) spreads on the eastern slopes of Mount Paikos and on hills with gentle slopes to the south of town, at an altitude that reaches 656-820ft. The climate is continental with cold winters and dry summers, with the Vardari‚Äôs winds blowing all year-round exorcising diseases and with the humidity from the neighboring valley of Axios mitigating the summer heatwaves. In this excellent ecosystem, for production of fine wines, Xinomavro is cultivated, the most famous and quality red variety of northern Greece, along with Negoska a native red grape. From their co-vinification, the red dry wine with Protected Designation of Origin Goumenissa is produced.