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In 2013, the owner of Stellar Importing Company, Sam Catechis was introduced to a Cretan homemade wine which had adapted its name “Brousko” by the locals of Crete. “Brousko” by definition means young, fruity, acidic red wine with a touch of tannins. Mr. Catechis was so intrigued by the freshness and mystic behind this young wine that he immediately visited the island of Crete, the birthplace of Brousko. Mr. Catechis was taken around the different Cretan villages where he was introduced to different varieties and methods of making the wine by different families. After tasting the varieties of Brousko wine Mr. Catechis wanted to give this wine its own identity by creating the Brousko brand and sharing the Cretan charming wine with the rest of the world. Mr. Catechis special ability to recognize the American wine pallet helped guide him to produce the best possible wine that represents what the people of Crete have been enjoying for centuries, a dry red, young, bold, fruity and tannic wine. To be enjoyed with meze and great company.

With the success and popularity of Brousko Red, Brousko White was born.