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Distinguished for its unique, distinctive aroma and rich flavor.

Mavrodaphne of Patras (P.D.O.) is one of the most famous and tasteful Greek wines. It is a red sweet wine, produced from grapes grown in the northwestern region of Achaia. Characteristic of this variety is that the longer it ages the more its merits emerge. Served 61°F – 64°FC it accompanies spicy cheeses, fruits and sweets.

Type: Red Sweet, Vin de liqueur
Alcohol Vol: 15% vol.
Grape Varieties: Mavrodaphne 55%, Black Corinthian 45%
Harvest: End of August Early of September for Mavrodaphne. Second half of August for Black Corinthian.
Winemaking: According to the traditional way of fortified sweet wine. Winemaking of each grape variety and arrest of alcoholic fermentation by adding grape derived alcohol.
Description: Dark amber color with brown hues. On the nose, an intense dark fruit bouquet of blackberry and blueberry, followed sweet aromas of dried figs and plums. Great body weight full mid-palate balanced by acidity.
Accompanied with: Serving at 61°F -64°F
Mavrodaphne is an aperitif, best served with roasted almonds and dry fruits. It is best served with fruits, aged cheeses, ice cream, sweets, and chocolate.