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Muscat of Patras

A pronounced sweet floral aroma.

Muscat wine characterized by pungent floral aromas and sweet, spicy flavors and used as dessert wines. The Muscat is a popular grape variety grown widely in Greece for wines, raisins, and grapes for eating. There are in fact many different types of Muscat grape grown, with colors ranging from white to almost black.

Type: White, Natural Sweet, Vin de liqueur
Alcohol vol.: 15% vol.
Grape Varieties: White Muscat 100%.
Vineyard: Defined zone of Muscat of Patras PDO
Harvest: End of August – Early of September
Winemaking: Prior to the fermentation, the must is fortified with alcohol, this maintaining natural level of sugar and aroma.
Description: Golden and smooth, this wine is full of ripe apricots and juicy peach aromas followed by hints of citrus and orange. The acidity balances sweetness and the combination creates a great structure to this sweet wine. The finish is long with lingering taste of honey
Serving at 61°F -64°F.
Is best serving as an aperitif with roasted almonds, dry apricots, fruit glace and as dessert wine with fruits, sweets, ice cream and sorbet