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Loukatos Spirits

The distillery was founded in 1962 by The Loukatos brothers and was one of the early distilleries of Greece.

The initial spirits produced were the traditional Ouzo, Brandy and Tentura –the famous liqueur of Patras.

Today, Loukatos Bros has passed onto the second generation; George (oenologist) and Theofanis are responsible for the authentic distillation of ouzo as well as the production of a wide range of liqueurs. Maintaining the 50 year tradition in the process and technique of fine distillation, they continuously improve and seek new ways to better serve the domestic and international markets.

Distillation and bottling take place at the sunny hillsides of Patras. The hillsides of Patras are a place of fertile land and tradition for distilling and wine making since the early years of the Byzantine Empire (330-1453).

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